What is Stud Welding?

Stud welding is a process of arc pressure welding, where an arc of lightning speed is used to fasten a metal stud or pin to its workpiece. After the welding time has elapsed, the current is switched off, thus allowing the stud to melt and position itself securely when cool. As no holes are punched in the sheet, the workpiece is leak proof and not weakened easily and  corrosion problems are also minimized.

This incisive joining technique is used in multiple fields of various industries. Varying from objects that are used on  daily basis to building composite infrastructures in the construction field.

Mastek Services Stud Welding Overview

For over 14 years, Mastek Services has been a cornerstone in the stud welding industry, mastering the art of shear connector welding services across a variety of critical infrastructural projects in India. Our company has been intricately involved in all major projects, from railways to commercial buildings, distinguishing itself with a blend of precision and reliability.

Mastek Services has welded over 10 million shear studs over the last 14 years, consistently outpacing industry benchmarks. We have showcased exemplary performance in high-profile projects such as the integration of road over bridges (ROBs), foot over bridges (FOBs), and complex skywalks.

Our team possesses extensive experience and has been pivotal in pushing the boundaries of quality and efficiency to achieve remarkable results. Our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction ensures that we continue to deliver superior outcomes in every project we undertake.

Our Operational Provisions

Mastek Services can achieve an output of 2500 shear studs per day with a single Drawn Arc Stud welding machine for direct beam applications in Composite Bridges, and 1200 studs per day for through-deck welding in Composite Construction.

We undertake stud installation jobs using top-of-the-line Drawn Arc Stud welding machines, ensuring the desired welding quality that consistently satisfies our clients’ requirements.

Mastek Services provides comprehensive on-site service with a full team of professional engineers and qualified welders dedicated to meeting the needs of every project.

We are steadfast in our efforts to offer an unparalleled range of stud welding services, striving to achieve maximum satisfaction for our clients.

Our highly trained technocrats are committed to maintaining quality and delivering related services tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Our expertise spans major power plants and significant infrastructure projects across India, ensuring a broad and impactful presence.

Our Welding Standard

AWS D1.1:2000
AWS D1.1:2000